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Lowrider (Lowryder) Marijuana seeds

Total growing time : 8 weeks !!!!!
Height : 12 to 15 inch
Climate : Indoor and outdoor
Yield : 350 gr/m2

Regulare Lowrider seeds

10 seeds € 25,00
20 seeds € 40,00
100 seeds € 200,00

Feminized Lowrider seeds

10 seeds € 90,00
20 seeds € 150,00
100 seeds € 400,00



lowryderNew and seasoned cannabis growers consider Lowrider (Ganja Dwarf) as a new cannabis variety that can pave the way for expansion when it comes to the wide range of cannabis breeding possibilities.
The development of Lowryder (Ganja Dwarf) included a cannabis variety with an inconspicuous form in mind since it grows to a maximum of 12 inches. This cannabis strain can also develop buds straight from seeds in a span of 8 to 9 weeks apart from its low profile form.

Moreover, Lowrider gets rid of the vegetative growth stage altogether. This is because this new cannabis variety goes from seedlings straight to the flowering phase. That's right - with Lowryder seeds, you plant the seeds, wait for the lowrider seeds to sprout, monitor the growth of its leaves, and have a taste of its potent buds as soon as it develops its flowers. To make a long story sound short and simple - Lowryder is the most concealable cannabis variety that is also the fastest producer of potent buds.

Lowrider doesn't need the usual timer when it comes to monitoring its exposure to daylight and/or artificial lighting. This new cannabis variety can grow from seeds straight to plants with potent buds under 24 hours of exposure to light in a span of 8 to 9 weeks. You can even harvest the same amount of buds even if you expose your Lowryder marijuana plants to 12-18 hours of light on a daily basis. This is good for those breeders who need to allow their indoor growing rooms to cool down every so often.

This means Lowrider is the most manageable cannabis variety in the market. This is because you don't have to extensively monitor and make appropriate changes to the time your Lowryder cannabis plants are exposed to light. Furthermore, you don't need separate growing facilities and flowering rooms for Lowryder marihuana plants to provide you with sweet juicy buds in a span of 8 to 9 weeks.

Lowryder is also a great choice when it comes to outdoor cannabis breeding. This is because it can be easily concealed due to its small size. It can be planted in patios, garden patches with other plants, and windowsills among others. Moreover, Lowryder ganja plants are the fastest producer of potent buds amongst other cannabis varieties whenever these Lowryder seeds are planted in spring. It can also be planted several times for each season.

You can expect stable growth and flowering of these Lowryder cannabis plants up to early August. Lowrider can even grow and produce the same yield in places with Arctic conditions such as Canada and Alaska. This means Lowryder can grow and produce potent buds despite the continuous light of Arctic summers in Canada and Alaska.

It is impossible to regenerate or clone Lowryder pot plants. This is because this cannabis variety does not go through a vegetative phase. Thus, Lowryder growers are required to replant Lowryder seeds whenever they want to quickly produce more potent Lowryder buds. After all, there is no reason for Lowrider marijuana plants to be cloned due to the characteristics of this cannabis variety mentioned above. In addition, Lowryder seeds are easier to transport and subsequently plant as well as possess a much higher growth success rate compared to other cannabis varieties.

Lowryder does not come short to the best cannabis varieties across the globe in terms of appearance, taste, and high. This is because Lowryder is a superb smoke with excellent resin production and high potency. It is a cannabis variety that was developed through 9 generations of proper selective cannabis breeding. Lowrider cannabis plants are also guaranteed to be hermaphrodite-free and non-deviant.

After all, Lowryder is a direct descendant of Northern Lights no.2 indica and William’s Wonder. On the other hand, Lowryder has a more exotic and ruderalis-type ancestor, but this is a well-kept secret by this cannabis variety even during its growing and flowering phases. With this, Lowryder has excellent qualities that set it apart from other cannabis varieties in terms of uniqueness, and this makes it a worthy contender amongst the top cannabis varieties of the world.